Sorba Benefits

Sorba IoT Big Data Platform can help your business in nearly unlimited ways

Sorba Data Collector

Data Collection Made Simple

Common Problem: “I don’t have enough data to analyze and make informed decisions about my business.”

The SORBA Smart Data Collector (SDC) is a standalone device that collects sensor data from multiple sources at the same time. It offers a range of drivers and web-based configuration tools to connect your machines and devices with no special software needed.

Powerful Local Data Historian

Common Problem: “I need a local data historian.”

The SORBA Smart Data Collector offers 24GB of local onboard storage, adjustable store and forward push data throttle rates for use with slow networks, and onboard visualization tools for real-time and historical data analysis.

Sorba Data Collector
Sorba Historian

Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage

Common Problem: “I already have a data historian, but it can’t keep up with the volume of data I’m collecting.”

SORBA Historian is designed on a big data platform to have virtually unlimited data storage with distributed scalability, offering all the true benefits of the IoT that cannot be achieved with standard factory historians SQL databases.

No Need to Change Infrastructure

Common Problem: “I already have data collection applications in place? Do I have to restructure my entire operation to use SORBA?”

The SORBA API module is designed with RESTFul API and MQTT, which enables you to integrate SORBA capabilities with any existing 3rd party application. This enables SORBA to supercharge your existing devices instead of pushing you to undergo costly upgrades or replacements.

Sorba API
Sorba Data Collector

Machine Learning Optimizes Your Processes

Common Problem: “How can the Internet of Things help optimize my production processes?”

SORBAs available Analytics and Machine Learning modules apply predictive analytics to manufacturing processes and machinery to help decision makers optimize production. Machine Learning identifies optimal operating states by identifying patterns within the data to reduce waste and increase quality.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning in One Platform

Common Problem: “How can SORBA help me get the most out of my data analysis?”

SORBA Machine learning is the first IoT platform to utilize edge computing embedded devices. This gives you the ability to create Interactive, Batch, and Real-time Predictive Analytics from your own device-based network – with all the results displayed and controlled from the same SORBA Dashboard.


Sorba Analytics
Sorba Advanced Control

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Common Problem: “I’m under pressure to reduce cost and increase efficiency – how can SORBA help?”

SORBA is the first industrial platform to offer both Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in the same IoT Platform, combining human intelligence with machine intelligence to create real-time predictive alerts that not only detect existing problems, but actively work to diagnose and predict where problems are likely to occur in the future.

Secure Remote Access to Any Device

Common Problem: “My company has devices in multiple locations – does this mean I’ll have to spend time and money traveling to each one to implement programming and configuration changes?”

SORBA Remote Access provides the highest security available for remote connection to your devices, enabling you to perform remote PLC/HMI programing and configuration from anywhere in the world.

Sorba Remote Access